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Essential Lean DIY Tools and Information:
Links to Other DIY Lean Pages
  1. The A3 Tool
    Coming out of the Toyota Production System (TPS), this is an introduction to the essential lean and project management tool. We provide an introduction to A3 Thinking along with some A3 templates to get you started.
  2. Free Software Tools
    Some software tools that I have found to be very useful when working on brainstorming sessions, kaizen events and continuous improvement projects in general.
  3. Lean Web Resources
    Here are some lean resources to get you started on you journey.
  4. Lean Videos on YouTube
    Some of the better videos available on the web that focus on lean education.
  5. Lean and CI Podcasts
    Podcasts focused on Continuous Improvement and lean methodologies.
  6. Some Basic Tools
    Some of the basic tools that are necessary to be successful with lean.
A3 Thinking
Having worked in the aerospace and medical device industry for the past thirty years, while teaching lean, procurement, inventory management and APICS certification courses on the side, Dan is uniquely qualified to share his experience and broad knowledge when it comes to lean and continuous improvement. Dan's rationale for starting this site back in 2009 is there should be no barrier when it comes to learning about continuous improvement, the Toyota-inspired lean philosophy, and the tools that make this all possible.
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